About Me

I’m a software engineer at an information service company. The current combination of technologies I work with regularly is: Java, React, Typescript, Gradle, HTML, CSS, Javascript.

By day, I work in an Agile and Test Driven Development environment where we pair program on a regular basis. And when I’m not taking apart our Java back end services so that they seamlessly interface with our React front end, I’m conducting in house TDD training classes.

In my off hours, I’m partnering with another software engineer on a side project written primarily in Java.

For fun I play a variety of survival crafting computer games, study foreign languages, and pretend that I’m practicing guitar.

In the past, I’ve programmed in a wide variety of languages and technologies. C, C++, FORTH, Visual Basic for Applications, MIPS Assembly, 6502 Assembly, Ruby, Rails, Python, OCaml, and probably others.